Software Features

OSVPN - Cross Platform Support

Cross Platform Support

User-friendly cross platform software.

1Mac OSX, Windows x64 & x86.

2OpenVPN Files for all other platforms.

3Userfriendly user interface.

Global Statics & News

We provide active monitoring of our servers.

1Real-time server issue notifications in server status page.

2Real-time server load display.

3Server locations & Encryption protocols display.

OSVPN - Global Statics & News
OSVPN - Easy to use interface

Easy to use interface

Start browsing the web anonymously with just a few clicks.

1Real-time in software alerts.

2Quick connect.

3Server load display.

Quick Portforwarding

Easy to portforward without leaving the software

1User-friendly server navigation.

2Dropdown menu for quick portforwarding.

3Automatic Internal IP Checker.

OSVPN - Quick Portforwarding
OSVPN - 24/7 Customer Support

24/7 Customer Service

We provie customer service through multiple platforms.

124/7 support avaliable right under your fingertips.

2Livechat, Discord, Facebook and Email.

3You can also recieve support through tickets in dashboard.


Worldwide distribution of servers

The closer a server is physically located to you, the faster your VPN connection will be. Our servers are located worldwide. Browse our server list for all available countries, including each location's server address.

Supported on multiple platforms

OSVPN can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, and most other devices supporting OpenVPN.


We control our servers

For maximum security, we use physical, bare metal servers (no virtual servers) that are administrated and either owned or rented by us in carefully selected data centers. Our rented servers are not shared with other clients. We put a lot of effort into hardening servers and following best practices.

We have our own client

We have developed an open source VPN client that works for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Our servers use OpenVPN

The use of OpenVPN means that we offer only secure protocols. OpenVPN is the most widely used solution for creating secure, point-to-point connections. It's even open source and has been extensively tested for security purposes.

Port forwarding available

We offer the ability to open ports in order to forward incoming traffic to your device.

We live and breathe security

We set really high security standards for ourselves. From the operating system on our computers (Qubes) to the tools we use daily, we strive to ensure that our entire workflow is really hard to exploit. We do this in part by using open source software in our infrastructure.


  • OSVPN supports DNS leak protection

  • OSVPN supports Teredo (IPv6 over IPv4) leak protection

  • OSVPN supports IPv6 tunneling as well as IPv6 blocking and leak protection

  • OSVPN supports OpenVPN on a range of custom ports, including but not limited to 53/udp (DNS), 80/tcp (HTTP), 443/tcp (HTTPS)

  • OSVPN only supports the VPN protocols OpenVPN and Wireguard

  • OSVPN does not block authenticated SMTP

  • OSVPN does not block P2P

  • OSVPN blocks SMTP port 25/tcp because of spam

  • Our data encryption is AES-256

  • We run our own public key infrastructure (PKI)

  • We support SSH tunneling, Shadowsocks, and Stunnel through our bridge servers

  • All our OpenVPN servers use 4096 bit RSA certificates (with SHA512) for server authentication

  • All our OpenVPN servers use 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman parameters for key exchange

  • All our OpenVPN servers use DHE for perfect forward secrecy

  • OpenVPN re-keying is performed every 60 minutes

  • All our OpenVPN servers offer all available data channel ciphers on all ports, including AES-256-GCM, AES-256-CBC, and BF-CBC. AES-256-GCM is the default.

  • OSVPN meets the criteria